Facility Development

EAF steel producers face ongoing challenges related to steel dust disposal because landfills are not a cost effective or environmentally friendly solution. Additionally, steel mills remain potentially liable for EAF dust buried in landfills. Fulfilling industry needs, Global Steel Dust (GSD) offers to build processing facilities in different countries around the world to assist EAF steel producers with the disposal and recycling of EAF dust - safely, reliably and cost-effectively.

GSD's commitment to global facility development supports the economies of the communities where they are built through investment and job creation while also helping the environment by reducing the use of landfills and reusing precious resources.

Facility Acquisition

In addition to its interest in building new and efficient plants in areas that lack EAF dust recycling capacity, GSD is also focused on expansion via the acquisition of existing Waelz Kiln facilities.

GSD continually looks for opportunities to acquire facilities around the world.