In 2011 Global Steel Dust entered into a partnership agreement with a Saudi company to build an EAF dust (EAFD) recycling plant in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The company, Global Steel Dust Gulf LLC (GSDG), obtained all the necessary permits to start building the plant and started with construction works in December 2012. The plant is located in the very well organized and strategically located 2nd industrial city of Dammam (Modon). Construction of the plant is ongoing and on schedule to be completed during Q2 2016. 

Currently there are no other EAFD recyclers in Saudi Arabia. GSDG is proud to build and operate the first EAFD recycling and Waelz Zinc Oxide production plant in Saudi Arabia, and the GCC countries. The facility will use Global Steel Dust's Waelz technology, the Best Available Techniques (European Union) and will have an annual recycling capacity of 110,000 tons of EAFD. 

The EAFD will be sourced from the different Saudi steel mills. GSDG will offer to local steel mills an environmentally sound way to have their EAFD recycled rather than landfilling it. Thanks to the company's efficient Waelz process this EAFD waste will be safely recycled and will produce around 42,000 tons of Waelz Zinc Oxide that will be further processed by zinc smelters into pure zinc products.