Maxime Arnaud

Chief Financial Officer

Maxime Arnaud has 12 years of experience in the metals industry, half of which are in the lead and zinc business. Arnaud has a masters degree in economics and finance from a leading French university.

In 2004, Arnaud joined one of the biggest gold refiners as a group treasurer and was responsible for the group metal controlling department. The company, a $300 million international Swiss-based private group, has subsidiaries in 15 countries. Arnaud successfully developed the company's access to precious metals financing and enhanced the worldwide hedging and financing activities of the group. He was actively involved in several acquisitions around the world as well as in the sale of a majority stake in the company to a French private equity fund in October 2009.

From 1998 to 2004, Arnaud worked for a French-German publicly-owned metals company specializing in zinc-lead operations, first in the metal hedging department, and then assisted Russ Robinson in the restructuring of the company.