Global Steel Dust Announces Plans to Enter Korean Market


GSDK Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Steel Dust Ltd., engaged in recycling zinc from Electric Arc Furnace steel dust, today announced that it has signed a letter of notification with the Korean Ministry of Knowledge and Economy for USD 50 million to build a steel dust recycling plant in South Korea. The plant will provide a solution to safely recycle 110,000 tons of hazardous Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD) into valuable zinc. Currently over 400,000 tons of EAFD are produced annually in the country. 

With the industry’s leading Waelz Kiln recycling process technology and combined management experience of over 150 years, Global Steel Dust is one of the world’s most trusted names in EAFD recycling. Presently, the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is used in making almost 40% of all steel manufactured in Korea. During the EAF process, the melting generates EAFD, which is classified as a hazardous waste, and must be land-filled by steel manufacturers at a significant financial cost.

However, treated with the right technology, EAFD can be recycled to recover zinc, which is an extremely important natural resource that is currently 100% imported in Korea. Although different recycling technologies exist, over 85% of EAFD worldwide is recycled utilizing Waelz Kiln technology because of its capability to recover valuable zinc in the most efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly manner.

Global Steel Dust’s management has further updated the Waelz Kiln process by using state-of-the-art production technology and the latest environmental control upgrades. The advancement was applied at a plant in Millport, Alabama capable of recycling 110,000 tons of EAFD annually, and since expanded by the plant’s new owner to 220,000 tons due to its efficiency and high profitability. 

“We are privileged at the opportunity to enter into Korea and provide a safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly solution to recycle hazardous EAFD waste,” said Russ Robinson, founder and CEO of Global Steel Dust at a signing ceremony in Chicago, Illinois. “With our proven steel dust recycling expertise, Global Steel Dust has provided an invaluable service to countries around the world, and we have no doubt that the same will hold true in Korea.” 

Global Steel Dust is currently evaluating sites for the location of its plant in Korea. Further updates on the company’s progress will be announced during the coming months.

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